Sunday, 15 July 2007

An update...

Still doing the rounds.
After the essentially unsuccessful attempt to interest certain entities in what Griffith University has potentially to offer a student (see When in Rome...) the search goes on.
The irony of my situation had been heightened by State Premier Peter Beattie's initiative to establish a collaborative link between Queensland and the European research community (see It's a FEAST! But not for everyone). The point being while such a pact had been achieved through the efforts at a high level, I had received an invitation from the EU half a year earlier. Unfortunately I can't follow it up due to a lack of affiliation. As Bonny Barry, Parliamentary Secretary to the Queensland Minister for Education and Training, meanwhile confirmed in a letter, "...research is typically auspiced by educational institutions or research organisations themselves".
This is a pity. The Otoom model provides useful perspectives, highlighted as recently as the past few days in the context of the ongoing growth of slums, the pervasive nature of fanatical religionists, and the recognised need for a "two-speed" European Union (see the most recent links on the Otoom website under Cluster building, Terrorism, and European Union respectively dated 4 July and 29 June 07). All these developments had been predicted years ago under the formality of Otoom.
It would be interesting to have the Premier's take on that. Therefore the Premier's Office had been contacted pointing him to the relevant posts in order to explain what is going on. His Chief of Staff replied, saying my problem with Griffith "is of an academic nature and this is to be resolved internally".
This is the kind of bland reply which is so infuriating. Despite making it abundantly clear that the University’s internal procedures are getting exactly nowhere I am simply given the same old pap. As to the “academic nature”, it may well be that the entire matter ends up in a criminal court. Either these people cannot parse sentences in their daily work or they are too afraid to come to an independent, albeit critical, conclusion.
Tomorrow I’ll phone the Premier’s Office and try and persuade Mr Whiddon to have a meeting in order to explain about the internal procedures and how academic this case really is.
I am also trying to find out if there is any particular contact person regarding the Queensland-European collaboration and what they think can be done about it (if anything). An exercise that is no mean feat in itself.
And if this latest approach proves to be unproductive? Well, let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

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