Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Empire strikes back!

After last week's post emails have been sent to the staff from Griffith University's School of Information & Communication Technology on Nathan Campus, pointing them to that post. There is the possibility that, if they are familiar with the affair at all, they would have been given the university's version only.

That was on Thursday, and interestingly two responses came in straight away. One complained she was not a member of the staff despite her name appearing on the list provided by the School itself. "It seems you have too much time on your hands and you need to move on as have some of the staff you mention", it went on.

Great piece of logic there, lady. As the thug said to his victim, still limping from the assault, "Why don't you move on? I did!"

The other response came from the Deputy Head of School, Peter Bernus, who linked the thesis and the IPSI-2005 Venice paper that deals with an aspect of the Otoom model (and which, in his opinion, "would perhaps qualify as artistry"). I, the one currently known as The Artist, never claimed the two were connected in any way or form, and calling into question the reputation of the IPSI conference (which "accepts anything and everything and has no scientific value") does not contribute to the argument.

The IPSI conferences may or may not have "scientific value", although a quick reading through the material offered on their website does provide some impressive qualifications of the people behind that venture. (Want to read something funny? Check out one of their pages)

In any case, Peter Bernus' email ended with threatening me with court action for "bullying and defamation".

Again, an interesting logic, if that is the word. To be subjected to a scurrilous evaluation of your work and being dismissive of any points raised in one's defence is acceptable, but as soon as you dare complain about it the cry goes up: "Bully!"

It appears the affair has entered the next phase.

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