Sunday, 2 December 2007

An open letter to the Police Commissioner

This is an open letter to the Queensland Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson.
Dear Mr Atkinson,
This letter seeks guidance on how to respond to a situation.
It involves a dispute between Griffith University and myself that has dragged on since 1999. Many attempts to have someone critically look at my concerns have fallen on deaf ears.
Perhaps you in your position and experience with the local idiom can point to options I in my naiveté have not considered. The dispute has forced me into a professional limbo only a resolution to this conflict can end.
The whole issue revolves around a ludicrous evaluation of my honours thesis, with the result that my career path is blocked.
One would think a lecturer such as Terry Dartnall, or the deputy head of a school such as Peter Bernus, or even the Vice Chancellor Ian O'Connor, would be able to come to the table with an ability to communicate in a constructive manner. Instead their answers have been bland and self-referencing, approaching the ridiculous even; in fact, it would be akin to someone questioning the member of a gang only to be told everything is fine and having to leave it at that.
Perhaps my status prevents them from taking me seriously. Perhaps my academic efforts leading to a scholarship and membership of the Golden Key National Honours Society are neither here nor there. Maybe completing a three-year course in just two years hardly matters, or particular details of the thesis not otherwise found in similar works are too esoteric to be considered.
Still, my research work - which was the reason for undergoing those studies in the first place - was continued and completed in 2003 regardless.
It concerns explaining how the system of mind works, a world's first. If this framework had been applied by certain decision makers, terrorism would not be the threat it is today, the Iraq/Afghanistan adventure would not have produced the mess it has, and many other scenarios could have turned out differently (the Parallels sections on the Otoom website give some idea of the model's scope and power).
Yet none of this can happen unless the matter with Griffith is resolved. Despite some success through my efforts in the meantime the main problem persists. For example, six months before former Premier Peter Beattie announced his Queensland-European Research Collaborations Initiative (QERCI) I had received an invitation from the European Union to participate in their research projects. Unfortunately, it cannot be followed up because one needs to be affiliated with an institute or university, something I cannot claim - see above. For more details see the CV.
As I said, perhaps my response has been all wrong. It seems a more rigorous, blunt approach makes for results under trying circumstances. For example, a bush ranger and police killer by the name of Ned Kelly achieved such fame his image is celebrated in paintings and his persona even made it into a citizenship questionnaire for immigrants. Or, rioting through the streets of Palm Island and burning down buildings have so impressed the authorities the aftermath saw a coronial inquiry, the involvement by the Director of Public Prosecutions, a former chief justice looked at the case and the people involved had their day in court.
On the other hand, someone who has actually produced something no-one else has can knock on the door of the Queensland and Federal Ombudsman, the Queensland and Federal Education Department, the Vice Chancellors Committee, the Australian Universities Quality Agency, the Carrick Institute, and Griffith's Academic Registrar - only to receive some dismissive note passed through the crack. Oh, I almost forgot; naturally I could assemble a legal team and take them to court myself - too bad I can't afford it.
And yet the university has virtually admitted their fault. Despite openly calling the three people mentioned above criminals (see Boils and chancres!) and threatening to take me to court for "bullying and defamation", and then repeating the same again later (see The gloves are off) nothing has happened. A reading of the Queensland Defamation Act 2005 might have convinced them otherwise.
The question I would like to put to you therefore is, have I missed something?
Yours sincerely,
Martin Wurzinger

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