Saturday, 15 November 2008

And a Merry Christmas to you too, Griffith!

In a few weeks the Griffith affair will have entered its tenth year.

A decade of ludicrous stubbornness, secretive actions and uncivilised behaviour on behalf of Griffith University.

Not everyone is included of course, only certain individuals whose academic background should suggest greater maturity.

There is Ian O'Connor, a vice-chancellor who is unable to speak face to face and instead decides to put me in a police van. There are the two surviving examiners at the School of Information and Communication Technology who hide their identity in order to escape scrutiny of their ignorance. And of course there is Grigoris Antoniou who, in his role as former supervisor and now in distant Greece, remained silent from the very beginning despite spurious criticisms being made right under his nose. The late Terry Dartnall, the third examiner, may well been his dear friend, but that should not have caused him to condone outright phantasms.

One wonders how the rest of the staff view the case; after all, they are members of the same collegium.

Another demographic would have responded with more direct action by now, but apart from my background the one thing I have is time.

Still, as we enter another Brisbane summer the heat and humidity bring home the effects of years passing by. Once I already experienced what it means being on the verge of loosing consciousness on the street; the tingling in the head, the reversal of sensation where hot becomes cold and cold becomes hot. Another one of those episodes and time becomes less plentiful. If at that point I could put my hands around the neck of an Ian O'Connor my fingers would know what to do.

So, Peter Bernus, does that constitute yet another case of bullying and defamation as you once called it?

Then you threatened me with court action but nothing came of it although I repeated that same action again which had prompted your outburst.

The pertinent law up here is not rocket science, so was it fear that made you back down? Afraid of what might come to light under a forensic examination?

Anyway, holidays are at the door. Maybe, just maybe, the fun and games are tinged with a thought of what the future will hold.

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