Monday 31 March 2008


There is a government department charged with the task of synchronising public morale with the aims of society: Little Voices.

People whose lifestyle puts them more than 200 years behind the rest are assigned to special autonomous regions. Such an area is called the Garden of Eden.

All drugs are legal, but they have to be bought from official dispensaries called Wormholes.

Before attaining the right to vote young people undergo a comprehensive training course, the Barbershop.

The choice of sex is up to you. But the more people you affect the higher your tax. Successful claimants are Seedlings.

Those who take their religion too seriously can't vote. They are the Free Agents.

Want to be a criminal? Fine. To the rest of us you are now The Blood Bank.

Someone who works for the intelligence service is the Quantum.

And finally, if your work contributed to the advancement of society, what should we call you? Whatever you want.