Tuesday 16 July 2013

The strange things white people do

In this 21st century there are a number of things - mannerism, customs, call them what you will - that white people have adopted which must seem quite strange to the rest of the world.

They developed gradually; they didn't drop from the sky. Yet they are firmly established though by no means shared by every citizen. Here they are, in no particular order:

An obsession with finding faults in one's own culture. At the same time similar problems, many of them far worse, are blithely ignored in others, or at the very least couched in strenuous euphemisms to avoid even the slightest hint of sounding critical.

An intense, almost adulatory focus on mediocrity while being fearful of acknowledging intelligence and hard work and the role they play in achieving success. The former is turned into a virtual badge of honour, the latter treated as something almost shameful. While rising above adversity should be valued, the current package, broadcast ad nauseam, has turned dysfunction into a prerequisite for social status.

A genuflecting, adoring attitude towards indigenous people, the only remnant of humanity that did not even reach the pastoral stage. On the other hand there is virtually no entity - whether corporation, university, government - which does not emphasise the need to innovate, to stay a-breast, to remain competitive. Sometimes even a month's worth of disengagement is seen as a disadvantage and here there are people who haven't changed for tens of thousands of years. What irony: the more competitive and hence successful one is the higher the taxes and therefore the more money these individuals pay towards the million-dollar packages shunted towards the few percentage points representing an indigenous population.

The embrace of the ideological side of feminism. Is there any Western TV commercial in which the male is not the idiot while the female is the all-wise, all-knowing one? The adulation of the Child has created youngsters, and by now already adults, who are self-obsessed, pampered, and indulge in habits which have led to epidemics even. For the first time in recorded history the next generation is feared to have a lesser life expectancy than their parents through their self-imposed habits. Teachers are being assaulted in classrooms by their pupils. Responsibility has given way to Rights.

The fear of sex. Drawn from the historical background of Middle Eastern myths spreading into Europe at the time one would have thought the phantasies have been more or less dealt with. Combine this with the feminists' vision of the Child and the celebration of victimhood and touching one piece of skin is fine but move along a few centimetres and the result is supposed to be a life-long trauma, obsessively protected and eagerly paraded in public awaiting the payouts. Hysteria and its protagonists enjoy celebrity status but the voices of calm and reason are howled down in the melee.

As said before, it wasn't always so. Presently however there is no Western government that does not have a problem with its budget because of piled-on demands by special interest groups, and the shift in power and influence from Western demographics towards others, more viable ones, is on the way. The disrespect can manifest through military attacks, the organisational framework surrounding refugees of any kind, the laying-down of rules deciding cross-border initiatives, the violence perpetrated by outsiders within their host nation.

All of the above are factors that influence the very foundation on which a society rests. It is sad to observe such degeneracy when its causes are so, well, downright stupid.