Saturday 21 April 2007

Life is a game of cards

Not an original remark, I'm sure. So here is a further refinement.

The other day I was sitting at my Solitaire during another boring backup session. Then a not uncommon situation occurred, one that is most frustrating.

The Aces are laid out on top, almost all of the other cards arranged in red/black sets below, and only two or three remain to be turned. At that point you need one Two or one Three of some suit to begin hauling the deck up to the Aces, but that very card is one of those hidden and to retrieve it some other must be removed. That other can't be used because, you guessed it, that Two or Three blocks any move.

Just about all the cards are there and waiting to go, but a single one holds everything up.

There endeth the metaphor.

In life things can get arranged, one by one, until a single item is left to set the closing event in motion. Sometimes the air becomes almost palpable, so obvious is the next step. But that next step is yet to come, the outcome still in the future no matter how obvious. Perhaps akin to the way a storm builds going through the familiar phases, but when it breaks no-one can say for sure.

Is that how the story of Otoom goes? The pieces have come together for years now, some clearly visible, some less so. Those pieces like the cards belong to many suits and have many different values. Together they form an entire deck, although there are still some missing.

The game is not finished until all the Aces are covered. With one card here and one there to go the final stage will be quick - but when?

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