Sunday 17 February 2008

Why this blog

From the very beginning only two reasons brought this blog into existence. At this point in time they may be worth mentioning.

One relates to events or situations where the Otoom mind model has something to say. Not so much in the more technical sense (the pages on the Otoom website are reserved for that), but as the index page there states, to put the flesh on Otoom.

The other is quite different.

There may come a time when these posts are subjected to scrutiny. Like the critiques of essays, novels, or tracts in general serve those who want to build a picture of the person behind, the writings on this blog could equally become the source of similar uses.

Except here the steps leading up to such interest are somewhat reversed. Usually some essays or a novel have made their mark first, then comes the curiosity.

In this case there was no impact; in fact, the very obscurity of the writings has been a result of a scenario which is in the process of coming to a head.

There is the lingering problem, the build-up of pressure, the release. Then there is the interest.

At this point the information contained in these posts will be one of the references from which the picture is constructed by the observer. Therefore the content matters, and it has to be truthful.

Not only must it be true to the source, it must also be true to the particular subject matter. Even if it should be controversial then sooner or later its validity must be confirmed.

Because no matter how probing the investigation, in the end the result has to be free of errors. There is a risk therefore, but it is worth it.

To fully understand the value of that risk requires engagement, my own as well as the reader's.

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